Not exactly a snow day.

As a general rule, as long as I can remember, central North Carolina does not get snow.  That's not quite right.  We get snow sometimes.  It's either feast or famine.. a crippling amount, or flurries at best.

No, we get ICE.  Yes, ice.  Where the tiniest thickness on a road can send a car careening out of control.  Where the weight as it melts and re-freezes breaks limbs off trees, sometimes bringing a whole tree down.  It also takes out powerlines, so people lose power when they need it most.

So, I can't really say I'm snowed in.  I'm iced in. You couldn't pay me to try and drive anywhere today.  I've been stuck in the house all day. But, I've come up with a way to get rid of some of my stash of seed beads that I don't know what else to do with... I'm gonna make stretchy bracelets, each with a shrinky dink plastic charm, traced, colored, and cooked by your truely.  They'll be cheap and hopefully popular with some younger people.

At any rate, it'll give me something to do, and if nothing else, give them away free with a purchase.

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