M.I.A. Once Again

It's been a little while since I posted last.  I've had a lot on my plate so to speak.  The biggest thing is work.  My job that I've had for nearly 3 months now takes up a lot of my time.  Plus, I've discovered a new web site, a new obsession, and a new (to me anyway) art form.

The web site is called Swap-Bot and it is my newest obsession.  The gist of it is, you sign up for swaps that interest you.  Swap-bot then randomly assigns you a partner.  Based on the parameters of the swap, you will be sending a package of some sort to your partner.  In return, you will receive a package from whomever was assigned to send to you.  It's quite addicting, but you get to collect things from different parts of the world.

Because of Swap-bot, I have become enamored with Artist Trading Cards.  I have not made very many, but the idea appeals to me - working with such a small space.  It's less intimidating when trying something new.  I'm trying to take pics and post them on Flickr, but so far I only have 2 uploaded.

Finally, I've joined the EtsyBloggers Team on Etsy.  I hope that this will goad me in to posting more often.


Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

hey Girlfriend! I love your ATC's! I especially love your first one, it reminds me of a desert scene with all the mountains and beautiful colors and textures. Sounds fun and like you said addictive!

Nyu said...

I'm with you there, I also got into ATC's thanks to swap-bot, they're really fun to make! I really like the ones you've uploaded pictures of. :)

("Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY"; Nyu @ swap-bot)

SewBama said...

I love swaps - perfectly addicting. I've never been good at making stuff for myself, so swaps give me a crafty outlet when it isn't anyone's birthday. ATCs were my intro to paper-crafts, too. I really like the idea. Also, I really like your first ATC! Reminds me of a sunset over the water or mountains, especially out West where I've been this summer! It's gorgeous. Keep it up.

~Laney (rainysunshine789 swapbot blog swap)

majork29 said...

I love swaps and just found Swap-Bot myself

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm visiting from Swap-Bot for the "Read my Blog! NEWBIE FRIENDLY" swap. You've got a beautiful blog. I agree, Swap-bot can be quite addicting! BTW your ATCs are lovely, too :) I started making ATCs about two months ago and I love seeing other crafters' designs!

-- Kate (a.k.a. Gwenelle)

SilverNikNats said...

Thanks for sharing, I'm now also hooked!
Have a nice day