2011 NC Maker Faire

This past Saturday I participated in the 2011 North Carolina Maker Faire as part of a group called Triangle Jewelry Makers.  What the Maker Faire is, is an opportunity and venue for "Makers" to demonstrate and show off their craft - whether it be hand made jewelry, "yarn" spun from paper, or fighting robots.  It was tons of fun.  There were lots of activities for kids and adults alike.

I thoroughly enjoyed demonstrating the things I made.  Plus, it was a tremendous confidence booster.  I tend to be self-conscious around other jewelry makers that have been doing it longer, or do something different, but today steered me away from that a little.

Like I said, it was tons of fun.  I hope there's one next year.


priti.lisa said...

Hi Jennifer! Yay for you on your success...that is so good to hear!
I love your mountain climbing story and the pages in the sketchbook...genius☺

aquariann said...

I'm glad you had fun! It sounds like a lovely faire.

Lola said...

Sounds like so much fun! I wish there were something like this around Miami. -Hollychihuahua from Swap-Bot