Been kind of busy the past couple of days.  Several new pieces.  Unfortunately, I cannot take pics* or list them because my "studio" is in North Carolina and I am in Maryland,  But, I've been busy with other things too.

I set up a "Welcome" page on my Facebook page for non-fans that will hopefully entice some to "like" my page.  Periodically I'll put up exclusive discounts that only my fans will ba able to see.  When I get a little bit of money built up, I'm going to run an ad to attract more followers.

I must also catch up on the Bead Soup blog list.  I admit that I have fallen behind, but I've also had a lot of stuff going on.  I hope my fellow partiers will forgive me.

*update I have taken some pictures.  They are not good pictures and so won't be listed until I'm back home where I can use a non-mac machine.  They desperately need some touching up before listing.  But here's the link if your interested https://picasaweb.google.com/jenn.jngordon/Mar7201102#

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