Busy day in the Pride House

Gotta couple new things going on right now...

First, I've decided, since I had an abundance of amethyst beads, I would create a separate section in my shop for the current month's birthstone.  Now unfortunately, I'm not going to be able to get my hands on some stones (unless someone has some diamond beads?), so I'll have to make substitutions, probably with Swarovski crystal.  I may have a surprise for all you fellow May babies out there.  For those that are February babies, check out the new section.

Second, I've got a little experiment going on.  I'm a geologist.  Not a practicing one, but the piece of paper they gave me when I graduated from NC State says I am.  Really, I'm just a geologist at heart.. a rock hound if you will.  And what else would a rock hound such as myself have but one of these?

Now, the other day, I was in Michael's, when I saw these:

I couldn't believe my eyes.  Ruby in Zoisite beads?  At Michael's?  On clearance?  I had to have them.  You can tell they've obviously been tumbled a little, otherwise they wouldn't be so rounded.  What you can't really tell is that they're rough, they feel a little like a chunk of sandstone.

Can you see where I'm going with this?  The process takes about a month of constant tumbling.  I'll post pictures after each step to check they're progress.  The first step takes at least a week, so we'll see next Thursday or Friday how they're looking.


Rose Works Jewelry said...

Ooo - I look forward to seeing what becomes of them!

Teri said...

Wow!That looks like alot of fun to do! My husband and I own a Granite shop so we see alot of different stones. His hobby is collecting fossils and stones. (I call them rocks!!) I can't wait to see your stones in a few weeks.