My Guardian (not at all related to my work, but I wanted to share)

 This is my guardian.  His name is Cisco.  

As you may know, it is widely believed that cats have an awareness of things that humans do not have the capability to perceive.  

Last fall, my fiance and I noticed our cats exhibiting strange behavior when they were outside in our back yard, like they were spooked by something that we couldn't see.  Like there was something wrong out there.  We took it for what it was and didn't think that much about it.

Fast forward to this fall/winter.  We rely mainly on a wood-burning fireplace for heat at night.  Keeps the power bill from being too outrageous.  Since he works during the day, and I am unemployed, it falls to me to gather twigs and small branches for kindling...from our back yard, which is somewhat wooded.

Every time, without fail, even though it's broad daylight when I go out, Cisco is always with me.  Usually not more than 10 feet away, but always within sight.  He follows me wherever I go like he's watching over me.  He has even gone so far as to stop me from approaching certain areas by running up and standing on my feet.  Now I could of course easily nudge him aside and keep going, but there's something about the way he stands and looks up at me that stops me.

There may or may not be something wrong out there, I have no way of knowing.  But Cisco thinks there is, which is why he is my guardian.

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Jaime Haney aka ArtsyFartsy.Me said...

I love to hear spooky stuff. I also think that cats are definitely tuned into things that we aren't so sensitive to. I plan to share more of my experiences and some of them include my cats.

I love your guardian's name! I had a dog named Cisco. He has the most beautiful blue eyes. Thanks for sharing your story. Keep us updated, maybe you have a dead body buried in your yard! haha