An Old Hobby With a New Purpose?

Ok, so here's the thing...  When I was younger, like 12 or 13, I collected stamps.  Most of them American, but a family friend was the assistant to the head  of the Foreign Language Dept at NC State, so I got my fair share of international ones as well.

This week I found a box containing part of my collection, entirely US stamps, all cancelled.  There are two that I already have projects for, but I'm contemplating selling the rest.  But how?  I have a few individual stamps.  I found one with Dolly Madison.  A few Frank Lloyd Wright.  Some that are obviously a set, like windmills from different states.  I have three that are from 1938.  None are more than 29 cents if that gives an indication of age, well, that, and I think it was like 1991 or so when I stopped collecting.

I think I'll put them on Etsy... as supplies... as vintage... as both?



Carmen said...

Do you mean stamps as in licky stamps rather than stamp with ink stamps? Hmmm. If it wouldn't cost you very much to list in both I'd do that. Or even - there are collectors for stamps so what about eBay?

artbrat said...

Ebay or Craigslist might target collectors. I dont know much about stamps so cant be all that helpful. Hope you have a great weekend.