Trying something new...

I've decided to try my hand at something new.  The idea was planted in my head before Christmas while I was at Barnes and Noble browsing the craft section.  I came upon a book called "Beaded Chain Mail Jewelry" by Dylon Whyte.  I absolutely fell in love.  I'm happy to say that a used copy of the book is on it's way to me right now courtesy of half.com.  

In the meantime, I've been dabbling a little.  I'm actually making an attempt at a complete bracelet, simple as it may be.  I'm quite excited about how it's looking so far.

What you see there is ~2.5" of sterling silver and copper 4mm jump rings: 2 rings of silver in each silver link and 3 rings of copper in each copper link.  I can't wait till it's finished.

The only thing holding my back right now is a lack of silver rings.  I ran out :O  Ah well, I'll have more soon and will get back to work. 

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