My latest project

Three days ago, I had a clasp, some beautiful seed beads, and a vision.  Over 2000 beads, one catastrophic spillage, and a good amount of glue later, my vision was reality.

The photos don't do the colors justice, they are absolutely gorgeous.  Plus the clasp is Hill Tribes fine silver, which I scored at Ornamentea.

Now the question is this:  Should I leave it as is, or add a microscope glass pendant with a dragonfly theme?  I'm undecided.  Suggestions?


Cindy said...

Hello Jennifer, welcome to blogging! I saw your Intro on the Bead Soup Yahoo group. :-) I love your blog banner..and your seed bead work is incredible. My vote is to leave this necklace as it is...I love its simplicity and I think it would be perfect to wear with a round neckline.

Jennifer Pride said...

That's what I decided to do. The pendant was I designing, I decided, deserves to be in the spotlight rather than an accent. Thank you so much for your input.