New Year=New Things

Not really, I've just been busy... educating myself on how to make a business work, learning more about the whole social networking thing, and so on.  

The result:  I've decided to start over.  New Etsy shop, which isn't open yet.  Got rid of Picasa because I just didn't like it.  I'm slowly getting some photos on Flickr.  You can find me there at http://www.flickr.com/photos/jpridejewelry/.  I've also started a twitter account, username @jpridejewelry.  

I'm going to be re-taking all of my pictures, trying for better quality.  I've only got a few of my current ones on Flickr, but don't worry, I'm not changing my Facebook page and all of the old pics are still there. 

Updates on my progress will be forthcoming.  My first goal is a better work area, and I've already got a plan :)

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